Sweet Summer



Sweet Summer –

You have been so, so good to us.

Desperately trying to soak up every last minute of you.

Thanks for the sunshine, long nights and jam-packed days.

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Hope you are all having a magical summer!

Photo credits to the amazing Amanda Adey. Clevelanders, if you want beautiful photos of your family, contact her at amanda[dot]kozma[at]gmail[dot]com

Going off schedule



This summer has been jam-packed. Baby showers, birthday parties, cookouts, vacations, day trips – all GREAT stuff. But it’s easy to get so wrapped up in the activities and  “what’s next?!” vs. living in the moment.

This weekend, as we were on our way to Sawyer’s swim lesson, we spotted a sign promoting a “British Car Show.” A quick “Google” let us know that it was right in our neck of the neighborhood! So even though we had to postpone out “after swim lesson weekly grocery shopping,” we decided to go with the flow, through our over-packed schedule to the wind and take a detour.

And what a wonderful detour it was.



weekend2 photo 4

Sawyer, despite being a bit grouchy with a nasty head cold that’s made its way through our family, LOVED seeing all the different cars – some folks even let him sit in their cars – don’t you just love it when people are kind to your kids?

It was a wonderful day to spend a Saturday morning and an even better reminder that “going off schedule” is so important.

We’re all enough – a celebration of #imenough!



When you’re a mom, it’s easy to feel “less than.”

It’s so easy to look at those women who seemingly have it all together – you know who I’m talking about. The moms who create the perfect crafts with their kids – who get homemade, healthy dinners on the table every night – and actually eat those healthy dinners, themselves. The moms who never, ever forget a workout. The moms who keep a spotless home. The moms who you look at and say – REALLY?!

I’m not one of those moms.

It’s so easy to pinpoint our shortcomings when we compare them to other’s highlights. Easy to stand in front of the mirror, sucking in from every angle and still noticing stretch marks – loose skin – “less than.” It’s easy to feel guilty when we rely on takeout one too many times or let our kids eat pretzels for breakfast.

Let’s cut ourselves a break, can we?

My body is never going to be perfect – ever. But it’s strong, healthy and created the single most important thing I’ve ever done – my son. That’s enough.
My house is never going to be spot or clutter free – but it’s reflective of our happy, active life. And I’m proud of it. That’s enough
I’m never going to be the perfect woman – I’m going to nag my husband more than he likes. And I’ll probably lose my patience with Sawyer from time to time. But I’m human – and I think it’s more important to show that then put on a front and not be true to my feelings. That’s enough.
My face isn’t getting any younger – I spot wrinkles, age spots, grey hairs, the whole gamut. But those lines house laughter, tears, adventures, LIFE! And that’s enough.

No matter what, I have two boys who look at me with awe and love. Who appreciate me and my craziness and show me all the time that I’m not just enough – I’m everything.

And that’s more than enough.

So it’s extremely fitting that I was recently given the opportunity to share this video from The Mrs. Band. The video addresses this “less than” thinking and tackles it head on. Within just a few moments, my eyes were already watering and by then end of it, I had shed many tears. If any of you relate to not feeling “enough,” do yourself a favor and watch the video.



Feel that? The Mrs.Band doesn’t want you to forget that feeling. They are encouraging woman everywhere to share this message and be proud of who they are by taking selfies and sharing them on various social media platforms with the hashtag #imenough!

The Mrs. Band sent me these amazing decals to place on my mirrors around the house to visually remind myself that #ImEnough! Last night, while I was inspecting my face for imperfections, I caught a glimpse of the decal and told myself – STOP! You are wasting time dwelling when you can be living – a perfect little reminder, right when I needed it. You can get your decals from their store, or make your own simple reminder (post-its! Stickers!) to hang on your mirrors.

So here I am – makeup and filter free. It may not be the most flattering photo, but it’s certainly my proudest. And that’s more than enough.


Today’s post is sponsored by The Mrs. All opinions are my own and my opinion is that I’m Enough!

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