Sometimes you have to just keep swinging



It’s that time of year. Activities. Fall fests. Birthday parties. Preschool goings-on. Memories to be made!

We’re so focused on what’s next. Sharing dates and activities with the family, writing the on the calendar – making sure you show up on time! It’s all so fun and exciting. But sometimes we can become so fixated on scheduling that next big thing and looking forward to that next event that we miss out on the real-time memories. I myself am likely a regular offender.

Let’s not do that.

Instead, let’s soak up each fall day in its tiny little details. Let’s smell the fires roasting, hear the leaves cracking and feel the air turning crisp. Let’s laugh DEEPLY and run wildly.

Over these past few weeks, Sawyer learned to swing BY HIMSELF. After sitting on my lap all these years (causing me motion sickness and anxiety that I’d fall off the swing taking him with me!), he is a regular old pro.

All it took was a playdate with preschool friends and the want to “be like the big kids.”

We spent almost an hour yesterday at the park finessing our new learned skill. It was close to dinnertime, butting up to the NEXT ACTIVITY. But we kept swinging. I started calculated when I could expect his next meltdown (due to no nap that day) and realized we were getting uncomfortably close to that time block. But we kept swinging. Faster, mommy! Faster!


I breathed deeply. Laughed loudly. Soaked it in.

And kept swinging.

A list of mess



I know I told you my next post would be a Montreal update. It will be. After this one.

My photos are spread over multiple devices, which requires all of five more minutes of additional effort on my part. Which has, quite frankly, been impossible to find.

I may appear a bit over dramatic, but in the past 48 hours I have:


Photo compliments of the super talented Amanda Adey <3

Life is grand and other updates



We went to Montreal. Just the two of us. Bliss. We rocked it out to Arcade Fire, took in a CFL game and ate our weight in crepes, macaroons and everything that looked tasty. T’was glorious. Full recap later this week.

photo 5

Sawyer made it through two weeks of pre-school. We are still adjusting, but it is getting better every single day. And! We already have a playdate scheduled next weekend with some of his friends. #littlevictories.

photo 2

-pretending to be “mini-daddy” I can’t even deal with the adorableness of this photo-

We took our first trip to Patterson’s this weekend. A Fall staple, this first trip always carries so much weight in my heart – the beginning of my favorite season! I look forward to making so many fun memories this season. Trying to soak it all in.

photo 1

photo 4

The Mister and I bought six doughnuts and an apple fritter as a result of our Patterson’s season commencement. Which we proceeded to eat on the car ride home. Because DONUTS. It wasn’t one of prouder moments, but a really, really delicious one.

photo 3

Upon finishing our binge watches of Game of Thrones, House of Cards and True Detective, we started Orange is the New Black this weekend. SO GOOD!

Despite sounding like a coach potato, I’ve actually been doing a lot of reading! Most recent fave – The Rosie Project. So delightful.

I desperately need a haircut. Desperately.

I also never got a pedicure this summer. Time to just give it up now, right?

The Mister turned 30. I threw him a surprise bromance (only boys allowed) party and coordinated a present of the (literal!) ages. I couldn’t be more proud of myself (or the all of the gentlemen!) for keeping it a secret.

I’m turning 30 next month. You know what they tell you about your metabolism evaporating with each new wrinkle and grey hair? It’s so true. Sometimes I only eat a single granola bar for lunch in preparation for a large pizza dinner. It’s not one of my finer moment, but girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And giving up pizza just isn’t an option. #sorrynotsorry

Honeycrisp apples are back. That is all.

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