The Perfect (no mayo) Chicken Salad



People — it’s here.

Warmer weather, sunny days, deck-weather, PICNIC perfect.

And I have a wonderful light and healthy dish to serve up to your family (or yourself!) — Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

I served it at a bridal shower last week and received rave reviews. No one missed the mayo, and I think the Greek yogurt really brightened up the dish.

And it’s so, so simple.

You’ll need:

In a large bowl, combine everything. Easy enough?!

Serve on a bed or lettuce or on some hearty, whole wheat bread — or like me, a croissant.


Enjoy with some fresh cut fruit, quinoa salad (recipe coming soon!) or sweet potato wedges.

Bridal Shower Photobomb



Good afternoon!

This weekend, we celebrated my brother and his lovely BRIDE TO BE! On Saturday, we had the Bachelorette party, which included a day at the spa, an amazing dinner, and drinking and games at a hotel. The next morning, I had to set my alarm to wake up and head back to my house and host the bridal shower! Despite feeling a little rushed and anxious, I am so, SO happy with how everything turned out. And more importantly, the beautiful celebration we were able to have for Erin, my future sister :)

Take a look at the funtivities!

banner with dessert table - Copy dessert table 1 - Copy dessert table 2 - Copy dessert table 3 - Copy fireplace banner fireplace food - Copy food2 front door glasses kitchen 2 kitchen table kitchen table1 kitchen3 pompoms side table silverware soaps tea


Every decoration was homemade and if you are interested in how I made them, let me know, I am happy to share!

We served: Chicken Salad (amazing recipe with Greek yogurt I will share soon!) with croissants, quinoa salad, fruit salad and regular salad. Desserts included cupcakes, cookies and macaroons my mom made that turned out beautifully and very yummy, too!

Most importantly, we were able to spend time celebrating Erin together!

Wanted: Lunchbox Ideas



So Sawyer is starting pre-school next year.


Of course, when I’m not freaking out about how fast my baby is growing up, I’m fantasizing about school events, volunteering, art projects, and, of course, school lunches.

Because I’m totally going to be the mom who includes fun little notes and stickers to compliment my perfectly assembled bag of treats. Until, of course, Sawyer eventually tells me I’m embarrassing him, in which case, I’ll likely keep doing it anyway.

Now next year he’ll be part of the half-day program, so I won’t get to go all elaborate with my lunch packing scheming just yet, but I WILL be able to pack a snack or two. Graham crackers and some milk….bunny crackers… or even pretzels with juice….

Sawyer doesn’t currently drink juice (we stick to milk and water), but it’s really only a matter of time before he’ll probably start drinking it — Monkey see, Monkey do — and I want to be sure that I have healthy options that aren’t just disguised sugar water.

So I was pretty excited when Fruitshoot reached out and introduced a new product they’re offering.

Featuring a new, no-spill cap, and containing no fructose corn syrup, Robinson’s Fruitshoot is a great option for kids on the go. My favorite part? It contains real fruit juice with no added sugar.


So I guess if the little man adopts a juice habit, I’ll feel good knowing I have a healthy option for him!

I’m new at snack and lunch-packing, so I’d love to hear your ideas on how your spruce up you kids’ school snacks and lunches!

And for those of you who could use some inspiration, Robinsons Fruitshoot Facebook page has some great ides to get you started!

Thank you to Fruitshoot for sponsoring today’s post and encouraging me to start thinking about creative ways to prep fun lunches for Sawyer!

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