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On the move



Someone decided to start walking yesterday.

Few notes Bean would like to make clear:

He know’s he’s dirty — this was after dinner, pre-bath. The fitful face-cleaning simply wasn’t worth it. You mamas know what I’m talking about.

He’s a warrior. Before these videos were taken, he fell and banged is lil noggin. I tried to bring him inside to comfort him, he wanted no part in it, just kept yelling “WALK!” and pointed to the driveway. BA alert.

He obviously picked out his outfit. A+ for effort.

Can we get three cheers for our little man?!

Homemade Activity – Muffin Tin Seek and Find



I’m always looking for new ideas to play with Sawyer, while developing new skills. As I mentioned before, I’m not a fan of the TV, so we’re all about hands on play in our house. I’m constantly picking my brain on h ow we can use things around the house for games and activities. Good old Pinterest inspired this game.

I call it, muffin tin seek and find.

Taking some of Sawyer’s small toys from other games and activites, I filled a muffin tin with “treats.”

A little girl from his School bus set, a small frog, a sock, some puffs, a frog card from a matching card set and an oversized rubber jack.

While it seems like a mish-mosh of items, it was actually carefully planned. We are currently learning the color green (he knows green, red and blue — sometimes yellow and purple!), so after we uncovered the items we sorted them and put the green items together. He also loves saying the word “frog,” so I thought finding two of those would be an easy “win” for him. I find that while teaching new words is important, it’s more important to validate and celebrate what he already knows — Bean get’s SO excited when he knows a color or word so celebrating that and allowing him to shine provides positive reinforcement and keeps him coming back to the game (where we sneak in new words and colors.) If it’s not fun and if we’re forcing him to learn, it won’t work. It’s all about making it a positive experience and not pressuring him to get something right. If he doean’t recall a word or color, it’s never “noooooo, that’s not it! Instead, we redirect and say “of course, yellow! That’s a yellow block!” There’s a difference.

I used differnt lids and textures to conceal the goods.

The puffs, of course, were the first to be discovered. That’s my boy.


1 Year + 1 Month + 1 Day Update



Yesterday, Sawyer hit 13 months. At what point do we stop tracking his progress in months? I mean he was ONE WHOLE YEAR last month, so it seems odd to now go back to 13 months. But he’s not a year and a half — and he’s much more advanced than he was even a month ago — so I’m stickin’ with 13 months. I know that at some point, his milestones and progress will start to slow, but for now, there are still many things to report each month – and I don’t want to overlook a single. stinking. thing.

Sawyer continues to amaze us on a daily basis. He picks up new words everyday and blows my mind with his ability to grasp concepts and ideas. He understands most of what we tell him and is even begining to string words together to form thoughts. For example — “eat, waffle!” or “pan. cook, grilled cheese.” or “outside. wagon.” or “water. all gone. bye bye!” (when the water is going down the drain). I love spending time with him and discovering the world through his eyes. I truly can’t imagine my life without him — it seems so — empty. He brings us so much joy.

At 13 months, Sawyer…

“Says” his name. “Soy Sa!” (it almost sounds like soysauce ;) ) When you point to him in the mirror he says his version of Sawyer. But when you ask him what his name is he give you a devilish grin and says proudly, “BEAN!” Oh dear…

Is sleeping through the night. Thank you lord.

Is taking all his naps in the crib.

Threw a few temper tantrums — one involved a mini homemade pizza being hurled across the room because it was too hot to eat when he wanted it (not a good moment).

Says too many words to count.

New loves: his wagon, pots and pans, helping in the kitchen, unfolding laundry, If Waffles Were Like Boys, his red car, watching the water go down the drain, bubbles

New hates: bedtime, when his food isn’t ready to eat quick enough (sounds like someone I know) and getting his teeth wiped clean

Favorite foods: grilled cheese, berries (strawberries and blackberries), cottage cheese, cheese of any kind, waffles and ice cream (he had it once on his Birthday)

Favorite books (this month): Easter Bugs, I Love You Through and Through, If Waffles Were Like Boys, 10 Rubber Ducks,  Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings, Baby Einstein Look and Find!

Thanks for the best 13 months of our lives, Buddy!

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