Birthday letter to my not so baby boy



Tomorrow is Sawyer’s birthday. THREE YEARS OLD. We’ll be spending the day trying to jam pack it with all the things he loves, so I know I won’t be online, but here is my traditional birthday letter to my not-so-baby boy….

Sawyer –


Goodness my boy. I feel like it was just a blink ago that Daddy and I were feeling you kick in my tummy and imagining the little person you would become. I remember how desperately I wanted to meet you – trying to will you into our lives after passing your due date with spicy food, stair lunges and pineapple. But you had your own plan.

Not much has changed, you know. We’re still doing most things your way. You have such a sense of what you want and when you want it – it’s hard to argue! I pray that you’ll always be that confident and fearless. You love testing us – running at super speeds ahead, glancing back with glee to see if we’re up to the challenge of chasing you through a  crowded, public place. Jumping and slamming off furniture, doing things that make me so nervous I could scream. Pushing the boundaries; being a boy.

The thing you love most? Cars. Car videos. Car stickers. Car books. Cars on ramps. Cars under bridges. Cars in pockets. Cars in your bed. Cars in bathtubs.

I used to say you were a genius but now I’m sure of it—you’ve been reciting the alphabet since you were an infant. You’ve known a parallelogram and trapezoid since last year! You even know how to spell your own name—I know it sounds like I’m bragging, but it’s true. I hope that you always look to learn more – to ask why – to be curious. I promise I’ll do everything I can to give you the best opportunities to learn and grow.

You don’t need me for everything anymore, and that can be hard on a mom. I always thought parenting would get easier – and it has in some ways – but the older you get, the more I can’t fix for you. The issues you’ll face aren’t going to be as easy as spilled milk or a scraped knee. But you’re ready for them – even if I’m not.

One thing about you that’s never changed is your excitement and enthusiasm over everyday things, like blueberries or toast with butter. You eat them almost every day and yet still react like it’s the first time. You have what we call your “excited face” and it’s truly the best. I’d love to bottle it up and somehow sprinkle it throughout the world. If everyone could be half as happy as you, the world would be a better, safer place. I pray that you’ll always get excited for the little things – they are often times the most important.

You feel SO DEEPLY. The way you hug with every fiber of your being, crashing into me and taking my breath. Your love for laughing and care for those around you that they too, join in on the fun “wan’t mommy to laugh at it!!!” And when you get mad, BOY are you fit to be tied. It can be frustrating during a temper tantrum, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Because passionate people make things happen. Passionate people don’t give up. Passionate people make life worth living. Never lose sight of your passion and zest for life.

photo 2

No matter what happens throughout the day, I can tell you – without a doubt – that you will ALWAYS put a smile on our face. You’d be amazed at how much Daddy and I talk about you throughout the day – laughing at old photos, sharing stories, and planning new adventures.

We try really, REALLY hard to be the very best parents we can. We know we’ll mess up. We’re still learning, too, you know. We love you more than we ever thought our hearts could handle and we promise you that even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time, every decision we make in this world is an attempt to be the best parents we can be.

While we’ve seen you hit so many milestones, you are still the same little boy. Sawyer. You were Sawyer when you were one, you were Sawyer when you were two and you are still Sawyer. These “new” qualities I explain, they’ve always been in you, my sweet boy! The infant who would always break through the swaddle – the toddler who tried to scale the walls – the little boy who hugs with every fiber of his being.

We are so lucky that we are the ones who get to watch you grow. Thank you for making us the family we always hoped and prayed for – The Three Musketeers.

Family photos

Loving you through spilled milk, meltdowns, tears and power hugs,

your mommy

photo 4