Snowed in – toddler activities to keep the whole family sane



It is effing cold, people.



White flag.

Unfortunately, Ms. Mother Nature doesn’t seem to hear and/or care about my pleas. I either REALLY made her upset or one of you did. Fess up – I’m comin’ for ya.

In the meantime, I’ve been attempting to wrangle my full-of energy little BOY who doesn’t understand why he can’t play in the snow at -1 degrees and why even a trip to the mall has become a safety issue with horrendous roads and the need to bundle up like Eskimos.

On Saturday, we never set foot outside the house. The roads were undriveable and the windchill was -15.

I’ve tried almost anything – even for an hour of his attention span so that I don’t have to continuously resort to videos and the YouTube Sesame Street Channel. Some days we come quite lose, if not partially EXCEED our daily screentime limit.

I imagine some of you are struggling with similar issues, so I am going to share everything we have tried in hopes some if it might work for you.

~Indoor pool session – get some cool new bath toys and let your little ones come into the BIG tube (i.e. the Master Bath if you have one). If not, just make it super special with some squirt toys or bath crayons.

~ Make a fort. Nuff said.


~Let the kids help make cookies or bake brownies. Then enjoy your hard work.

~Have an indoor picnic! Lay out a blanket and share a snack or even a meal on the floor.

~Dance party time! Turn the music up and shake it! Extra points for Glo-sticks.

~Go on an adventure. Take a trip to the rainforest. Or the art museum. Heck, even the most malls have play areas or at the very least fountains that should hold the attention of young ones for a few hours. Or go just bite the bullet and go to ChuckECheese.



2 hours. Couldn’t pry him away with a crowbar.

~Hide and Seek with a favorite stuffed animal. We spend LOTS of time hiding some of Sawyers favorite stuffed animals around the house.

~Clean and dust – two birds – one stone. Sawyer loves to hold the duster or broom and “help out” while I clean the floors.

~Playdough – we love making worms, letters, shapes and little animals.

~Puzzle Jumble – take three or more puzzles (the easier ones work best where the entire puzzle piece is an object — i.e. cat or a car), place them in a semi-circle and dump all the pieces in the middle.

~Flashlight fun – Sawyer can play with a flashlight for at least 15 minutes before growing tired of it. We extend the game even further by using it under a blanket or sheet or trying to aim the flashlight at certain objects.

~Race car obstacles – we like to build new ramps, bridges or obstacles for our race cars to “jump”, drive or spin through. Get creative! One time we laid a piece of cardboard down the steps and Sawyer had a ball. I’m currently collecting toilet paper and paper towel cardboard rolls to create a huge tunnel.

I could go on, but these are the activities that we come back to time and time again. Hope you find them helpful!

And PLEASE share your indoor activities that work well for you and your family – we are always up for trying something new!