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Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day! I spent the evening in bed stuffing my face with pizza and cookies and not giving a dang about all the crumbs making their way into our bed. T’was lovely. T’was.

But today I’m feeling rather — stuffed.

Back to clean eating and exercise over here! I’m hoping to take a nice walk over lunch (if the weather cooperates) followed by a fast and furious ab workout.

For those of you who are also looking to kick up your game to make up for all the chocolates and frosting, I’ve rounded up some fitness friendly links for you – enjoy!

What to eat before and after a workout — The food you eat before and after working out matters!  “If your food’s not digested before or during your workout, the fuel will be trapped in your stomach and won’t be available to your muscles, and providing fuel is the main goal of a pre-exercise meal. Also, undigested food can feel like a brick sitting in your stomach, leading to cramps and sluggishness.”


The science behind a “cheat day.” – interesting read!


Celebrity Workout Secrets: Body Parts We Want (And How To Get Them) - Workout like a celeb with tips (and videos!) from Harley Pasternak


Need some help on what to eat when relying on cardio to lose weight? Look no further.

Do you pin? Find out how to make Pinterest work for you and your fitness goals.