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  1. lee says:

    just wanted to say that this image is so very inspiring as I live in the desert, but miss the seasons terribly.

  2. Jackqulyn Bodenstedt says:

    I’ve been in Colorado since September 9, 2011. I’ve never seen country as beautiful as this; but then, I don’t travel much either. The day after I arrived in Colorado it snowed about five inches of powdery snow, It was beautiful to see and touch, Then just two days ago we got nine inches of that beautiful white snow. My car is white and you could hardly tell my car from the snow. I’m sure shoveling snow would get old eventually, but I’ve had so much fun doing it. Call me crazy.
    I’m leaving to return to Houston, TX on the 7th of November. I’m anxious to get home to see my family. I really wish I could take this snow with me.

  3. Jackqulyn Bodenstedt says:

    In response to “fall leaves,” the scenery is beautiful. On a drive through the Colorado mountains the trees were starting to turn, It was a sight to behold. The Lord gave us a beautiful planet to enjoy and love. We all need to do our best to preserve our world no matter wher we live.

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