Make it – How to make SUSHI (just 5 steps!)


Make It

For as often as I eat sushi, I’ve always been pretty intimidated to attempt making it myself. Well ever since the Mister and I made our Lent commitment, my sushi-tooth has been in full-force! But instead of throwing in the towel, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to MAKE MY OWN! So I enlisted my friend Jenn (I wasn’t about to go down alone!), and we got to work.

Our materials:

Smoked salmon
Cooked lobster – we’re allowed to cheat and use non-raw fish – we’re newbies!
Broccoli slaw
Cream cheese
Brown rice (I had some in the cupboard from the folks at Annie Chun’s)
Seaweed/Nori paper

We discussed our process/approach and got to work!


Lay Nori sheet on bamboo may (I got this bamboo mat for $00.99 at my local grocery store


Spread your favorite rice on top of the Nori sheet (make sure you let it cool)


Start layering your ingredients of choice in a row, one inch away from the edge


Use the Bamboo mat to roll the sushi. You can use your thumbs to roll the mat, and your fingers to keep the ingredients in place. Make sure to press on the bamboo mat to wrap tightly, otherwise it will fall apart. See this web site for detailed instruction and a video tutorial.

STEP FIVE: Let the roll sit for one minute (this will soften the Nori sheet a bit) or chill in the fridge. Cut with a sharp knife. ENJOY!

OK – so it might not be the prettiest sushi you’ve ever seen, but I am SO PROUD of our creations! Plus, we had a ton of fun (and many laughs!) making them ourselves. I think these would look a lot prettier if we used the standard white sushi rice, but the rice we used was delicious AND healthy.

Have you made sushi before? What are you waiting for?! If I can make it, I ASSURE you that you can, too ;)