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 Happy Friday!

I received a fashion question, which I wanted to address before getting into this week’s eye candy!

A reader wanted some advice on how to wear tights. Ask, and you shall receive, people!

Forget the days of drab, nude pantyhose, ladies. First of all, you are not 80. Second of all, there are so many more FLATTERING and stylish patterns and colors to choose from! Unless you feel that you need to wear them in the workplace (we don’t want you feeling under-dressed- literally!), leave them at home.

Now, let’s start with the basic black tights. The easiest to wear, black tights are instantly slimming and provide a fantastic backdrop for colorful shoes and accessories. Look for black patterned tights, too — these are bound to put personality into any outfit.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Why not add some bright tights to your wardrobe? But first — repeat after me: simple, simple, simple!! As I stress simplicity here, I am referring to patterns, not necessarily color. You can absolutely pair lavender tights with a chartreuse dress, as long as they are solid colors and your don’t go overboard on the accessories. Tights make a statement on their own, adding too much ‘stuff’ will make you look like a bag lady.

Stand up straight and smile! Let me see some confidence! You are after all, wearing lime green tights. Try pairing them with a pair of cowboy boots and a casual dress. Looking for a bold, chic outfit? Pair your little black dress with bold tights and your favorite black high-heeled shoes for a sexy night out on the town.

Okay, time to hear the DON’Ts

1.) White tights – NO. NO, NO! Unless you are three years old and gearing up for Easter Sunday, you should never, EVER wear white tights.

2.) Don’t wear two different colors on each leg. Unless you are wearing a Halloween costume, let’s leave that fashion sin for Punky Brewster.

3.) Don’t pair tights with too casual of an outfit. Would your outfit look good with flip flops? Then don’t put on a pair of tights.
If you’d like some visual aides, I found two fantastic how-to guides, complete with photos!

How to Wear Patterned, Sexy Stockings & Tights

Confused on if you can wear opened toed shoes or whether your shoes should match the color of your tights? Read Hot Hosiery: How to Wear Tights

In a recent article from USA Today titled, Terrific Tights, the topic of tights was addressed. “In [a bad economy], we always see a surge in hosiery,” says Nicki Gondell, principal at Trend House, a fashion forecaster. “Maybe you can’t afford the ‘It’ bag, but you can have beautiful hose, usually under $25.”

I couldn’t agree more.

I hope you found this information helpful! As always, please continue to email me with any questions — food, fashion, fitness, personal relationships, etc — I’m happy to help! ;)

 My favorite outfit this wekk, was one that incorporated one of my favorite dresses. It’s a pretty short dress, and is very flowey (read: prone to blow upwards!). I didn’t think it would be appropriate to wear to work, so I paried it with a pair of dark denium jeans for Casual Friday. I love this dress because it was one of the first DESIGNER dresses I bought with my own money. I bought it on a trip to Chicago at Barney’s. This was when I first fell in love with Marc Jacobs ;)

Marc Jacobs dress
Marc Jacobs dress


Back of dress

Back of dress

I think I need a bit of color, no?! ;)

I think I need a bit of color, no?! ;)

The shoe

The shoe

Dress detail (see that precious heart?!)

Dress detail (see that precious heart?!)





Top: Kenneth Cole
Sweater: BCBG Maxazria
Pants: Express
Shoes: Stuart Weizman
Necklace: from a local boutique

How adorable does Elina look?! I love the pop of color from the green cardigan and the shoes just make the outfit scream ‘summer!’ The pants also hit her in all the right areas — perfect summer work pant we have here!



Welcome, Emily! Emily is wearing a purple dress from Neiman Marcus Outlet ($24) and a beaded necklace she stole from her sister (FREE!). This dress is STUNNING! Wowzers, Emily, you are smokin’! I love the fit, the color, everything!

Emily is also wearing a pair of adorable shoes from Payless.

Emily's sandals

Emily's sandals (Image credit:



Welcome back, Sherry! This dress is ADORABLE! I love the hem, so unexpected and fun! The colors in the dress make it so functional! You can pair it with just about anything for a fantastic look! Mosey on over to Sherry’s blog to see the other looks she created with this dress — take cue, ladies (and men!)! This lady is a true fashionista ;)

And the winner is….

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2009-06-26 13:47:23 UTC

EMILY! Congrats, girl! Email me your mailing address and I’ll send out your prize. Hope more of you out there join in on the fun next week! 

What is your favorite piece of clothing you are wearing today?

14 Responses to “Fashion Friday – How to wear tights”

  1. Fashion Friday is so much fun! Everyone looks great! :)

    I love the dress and that you wore it over jeans. It looks great! Have a great weekend!

  2. Sagan says:

    Great advice about the tights!

  3. Rose says:

    Love it! I am wearing a three-layered necklace that I adore.

  4. eye candy indeed! You are so pretty.

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  6. Elina says:

    Love how stylish everyone is! Congrats, Emily :)

  7. elizabeth says:

    love your blog and adore that dress!!!
    and i love tights, and leggings. just not white ones or multicolored. I stick to black!

  8. I love your outfit- so cute and girly!! :)

  9. Oh, and I love your hair- it’s so pretty and long! :)

  10. jamie says:

    Love the article on how to wear tights! I’m starting a Trends blog that will have a collection of photos where colorful tights are paired with outfits to give off different ideas :)
    Colored Tights

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  12. Daisy says:

    yes yes yes. You are the expert and so after reading this you have affirned my tight wearing skills are in check. The only time I wore white tights was for a Flapper New Years Eve party. Legit I hope! No idea if they wore white tights in the 1920′s but it was snowing like crazy and I couldn’t go out bare legged. I love your red dress too btw.

  13. brittany says:

    the first rule-dont wear white tights is some what not true!i am a catholic girl and at my parish white tights are worn with the poofy white baptism dresses,first communion dresses and the white formal confirmation dresses[age 16].i think white tights are more dressy to wear with regular dresses.

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