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Hi Daily Balance readers! I’m Mara, and I write a blog called What’s For Dinner? where I chronicle my daily (ok, nightly) escapades in the kitchen trying to come up with new and interesting recipes that are both tasty and healthy! I’ve lost a bunch of weight following Weight Watchers, and I pride myself in using smaller amounts of “real” ingredients rather than larger amounts of so-called “Frankenfoods.”

A while back, I came up with this recipe for Basil-Chavrie Stuffed Burgers, and it’s one of the few things that my fiancé has requested a few other times. Now, just for you, lovely Daily Balance readers, I’m sharing not only the original recipe and photo, but other possible filling ideas! This recipe is easily modified to use turkey instead of the lean ground beef, or even a black bean burger recipe for the patties. Vegan? Nix the egg and Worcestershire, and use some vegan cream cheese instead of the goat cheese!

Basil Chavrie-Stuffed Burgers



Mix the burger ingredients in a bowl. Form half the meat into 4 small patties, about 1/4″ thick. Mix the filling ingredients. Place 1/4 of the filling in the center of each small patty, then form the remaining meat into another 4 patties. Place 1 patty on top of the patty with the filling, and seal around the edge. Repeat for all 4 burgers. Cook on the stovetop, or grill, and serve on buns.

Basil-Chavrie Stuffed Burger

Basil-Chavrie Stuffed Burger

Daily Balance Exclusive! Other filling possibilities!
•Caprese Stuffed Burgers: A bit of fresh mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, and basil
•Buffalo Bleu Cheese Burgers: Mix some bleu cheese with Frank’s Red Hot
•Scallion-Brie Burgers: Brie mixed with garlic and chopped scallions
•Bacon Cheddar Burgers: Shredded cheddar mixed with crumbled bacon
•Ratatouille Burgers: Finely chopped and cooked eggplant, zucchini, and tomato mixed with feta cheese
•Greek Burgers: Feta cheese mixed with garlic, a bit of lemon, and oregano

Can you think of others?

Thanks for the opportunity to post on your amazing blog, Shannon, and please visit my blog at http://www.imadedinner.net