Work it – The importance of letting your body rest.


Work It

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While I would normally feature workout routines and suggestions, today I wanted to stress the importance of REST. Yes, that time when your body does NOTHING.

The Mister and I actually chose today to be our day of rest this week. We normally choose a Wednesday or Thursday because, let’s face it, by mid-week you need a little R&R with all the other junk you’ve got goin’ on! I love sleeping in until 7:00 and I always feel perfectly rested for the next day. I often meet my mom to go walking so that I get my body moving, while still giving my muscles a much-needed break.

Explained in an article on Revolution Health, “exercise causes microtrauma to muscles, which get stronger when they repair themselves during rest. The same applies to your general physiology, which must ‘ramp up to meet the demands of exercise,’ says Conrad Earnest, Ph.D., chief exercise physiologist at The Cooper Institute in Dallas. He and others recommend one full day off per week.

See, without proper recovery time, areas of wear and tear become weak links, are more prone to injury and less likely to show strength gains. So, while you might burn a few extra calories by not taking a day off, your body will be less efficient in capitalizing on the work you do.

Now listen up, because this is important: “DO NOT wait until you feel pain or weakness to rest,” explained William Roberts, an associate professor in the Division of Sports Medicine at the University of Minnesota. But do rest MORE if you have symptoms. “Skipping rest days, he asserts, is the most common cause of overtraining injuries. Even if you don’t feel the sluggishness, the off day should affect you like a long weekend break from a high-pressure job. You’ll return to the gym, pool, track or trail notably more refreshed than when you left.”

Even though your day off should be a “rest day” it doesn’t mean that you have to be a couch potato! For someone who jogs regularly, it could mean a light swim or a casual bike ride. For a devoted weight lifter, it could be a noncompetitive tennis or basketball game. Or if you are like the Mister and I, it does indeed mean that you are a couch potato for a day :)

For those of you who are really hard-core (you know, with all your fancy races and whatnot), “giving your body a break is important, especially if you are training for a long-distance event,” explained an article in the DC Examiner. “Your body works hard during your days of exercise, and, just like a car, it needs to refuel before/if it runs out of gas. Constantly charging a battery that is nearly dead won’t allow the charge to strengthen over time; ergo, a rested body will perform better than a tired body.”

Now if only I had a hammock... (image credit:

Now if only I had a hammock... (image credit:

Do any of you struggle with taking a day of rest? Do you feel like you are missing out or being lazy? CUT IT OUT! Sleep in, watch some TV or sip some lemonade on your porch. Take a deep breath and enjoy it — you deserve it ;) Plus, neck and leg braces are really don’t do much for ya…they only come in so many colors, you know.

How many of you, like me, EMBRACE your day of rest?

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